Kierran the head CrossFit coach at Core Performance coaching and demonstrating how to master the art of double unders. The short video's will show you the common mistakes people make when trying to progress and link double unders and how to correct them. 





toes to bar

Head coach Kierran instructing a common CrossFit gymnastic skill of Toes to Bar. Kierran will demonstrate how to perform toes 2 bar and also what common mistakes are made which prevent individual progression of the movement and also how to perform the skill correctly. 

We are proud to be different!

If you are not familiar with CrossFit, you may well think that our prices look a little steep in comparison to your average gym.

However, we're not average! At Core Performance our highly qualified coaches, programme your workouts, we teach you the movements, we scale/differentiate the movements as necessary, we can also offer nutritional advice if requested. Every member that walks through our door is a part of the community that we are committed to.

Our main aim is to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals, whatever they maybe, and if you commit and put in the work, you will succeed.

We believe that here at Core Performance, everyone can feel that they are training to the best of their ability in a positive and supportive environment. Whether you are a professional athlete looking for elite conditioning, a mum, returning to exercise after a baby, a semi professional rugby player or a retiree keeping fit now they have stopped work. We have chosen the training methods that we know, work.

CrossFit is not a 'fad' or a passing phase, we, and CrossFit's founders have spent a long time learning what is effective and what isn't.

If you have enjoyed your free taster session with us, which most people do! Your next steps to CrossFit will be to book your Fundamentals programme, which is the induction phase of CrossFit, which ensures that everyone can complete the movements safely, minimising the chances of injury.