Here at Core Performance we help you to look after your health with Results Driven Personal Training. We offer training for everyone, beginner to sports professionals. Our extensive knowledge about the body and how it works can help anyone achieve their goals.

BioSig Body Testing

We perform Bio-Signature Body Testing on all new training clients to help us determine your lean mass. This is a 12 site measurement system in conjunction with a software package to give us your results and in turn help us keep track of your progress.

Nutritional Planning

Here at Core Performance PT we know how hard it can be to understand food groups and what to eat and when. During your time with us you will learn and understand the different food types and nutrients along with how to structure your meals.

With us, all your nutrition is taken care of.


Personal Training Packages


1-1 personal training is the best way for you to achieve your own personal goals. Whether this is weight loss, muscle gain, sports specific or simply to live a healthier happier life we are there with you every step of the way, supporting and helping.

Injury Rehabilitation

Here at Core Performance we believe in getting people back to their best and better after injury so if you need some guidance as to what exercises are best after an injury then we are here to help.

Jon works alongside the clinical team to help transfer clients from the treatment couch to the gym and making everyday activity easier once again.

Bespoke Packages

YOU decide what WE can do for YOU!! We offer bespoke packages so you can decide what is best options to help you achieve your goals.

These can include nutrition, bio signature (body fat measurements), structural balancing, gym membership and CrossFit. Book a free consultation to see how we can help you.